Porto Franco


Climate change: Data, Scenarios and Resilience

Climate change is having an ever-increasing effect on our lives and our safety. Extreme events are becoming more frequent, while the international community struggles to find effective agreements to mitigate the effects of Climate change. What can we do?


Weather forecasting as a science: Urban myths, Models, Forecasts and Forecasters

Thanks to Internet, weather forecasting has become a thing of mass consumption. Social media and dubious scientific websites abound in predictions and alerts, with varying levels of evidence and invention. Therefore hoaxes and urban myths, aimed at confusing the public, are increasingly frequent. How can we recognise them, and how can we find trustworthy information […]


Communication in Emergency: participants, technologies and policies for citizens

Communication to citizens plays an increasingly important role in emergency situations, but great caution and professionalism is required in order to prevent potential misunderstandings and negative consequences. How can Internet effectively support good practice in communication?


Hydrogeological instability and prevention: Local Technologies and Policies

In Italy, hydrogeological instability often has numerous victims and always has serious economic consequences. To limit its effects an appropriate local policy is essential, but Web technologies can also play an important role.