Porto Franco


Hackers in Africa: from illegal spam to civic hackers against poverty

Technology startups, hubs and business incubators, mobile apps connecting farmers and activists: this is not the future, but the present in the African continent where, from Senegal to Kenya, young hackers are playing a leading role in change and in models of economic development and highly digitalised participatory democracy.


Hacking physical space in disadvantaged areas: Urban Fab Labs

What is a fab lab – a digital fabrication laboratory – doing in sub-Saharan Africa? It changes the way young people take care of their urban environment and experience sharing and learning. The fab lab concept was born in the United States, but in Italy – from Naples to Turin – and in Burkina Faso […]


Dreaming of fortress Europe: from traffickers to the SOS calls picked up by the refugee “angels” who save thousands of lives

Fleeing war requires courage in the migrant: from the hands of traffickers to shippers, through the desert and over rough seas. Risking your life is the only thing to do when there’s no future in your country. On the other side of the European “fortress”, however, are the “angels” who listen out for SOS calls […]


The promises of the journey

Across the Sahel, a reporter travels a stretch of the road with the migrants: “a phone in their pocket and silent tears”, fleeing from the threat of poverty and terrorism. This is Africa, but also Syria and Iraq, where Islamic State is advancing, driving thousands of people to the gates of Europe.

Backlit keyboard

Hackers and geopolitics: how the online “war” between governments, business and terrorists is interlinked with international current affairs

Encrypt your computer and get started. Digital weaponry – threats, IT crime, spying – is the new front, where countries, firms and citizens are most vulnerable in terms of data security. Who are the hackers, how do they operate to expose the world’s IT systems to risk, and why do they do it?


Shall we make biscuits?

Cookies harvest data and can improve user experience. A new law makes it obligatory to inform users, who in any case are not sitting targets: many people block tracking cookies and banners, and Apple’s new operating system will block mobile advertising. Do we know how to use cookies properly?


What kind of Internet do we want in emerging countries?

Until now the debate surrounding Internet neutrality, the idea that every bit is created equal, has been focused on Europe and the United States. But if it is true that web neutrality is a precondition to guaranteeing equal opportunities in Internet use – including innovation and competition – much remains unclear of what is happening […]


Periscope: the power of now

For years we have believed in a Web based on the asynchronous use of content, where everything is always linkable and traceable. But suddenly, Periscope has shuffled the cards in a new way, focusing on immediacy and the simultaneous sharing of views in real time. A belated triumph of the “beauty of the direct”, or […]


From Link to Flow: the new layout artists of reality

From link to flow: this is the metamorphosis that is transforming content and containers on the Web. Sound, text, news, books and now video, become a single constant stream of bits coming to us through the social networks. At the same time mobile streaming solutions are turning images into the permanent and instant language for […]