Exhibitions and installations

Sonic Space #05

An interactive, spatial sound installation based on audio listening, field recordings and physical computing. The project presents acoustic found objects/materials by exploring concepts of curiosity, sociality and proximity. The repetition, the transmission and the temporality of sounds/noises we experience and inhabit in our three-dimensional world. The piece is a location-based sonic intervention where sourced architectural […]

With open eyes: original views of .it

An exhibition of photography in the Teatro Lux foyer and cloister. Ten words for twelve companies, taken from an analysis of their online communications, and twelve photographers from the IIF (Italian Institute of Photography), tasked with transforming the words into images: a photographic journey telling the stories of excellent Italian food products which have chosen […]

64 Mania: the C64 and Commodore’s home computers

At the Museo degli Strumenti per il Calcolo (Museum of Computing Machinery), an exhibition devoted to the Commodore 64, king of home computers and 80s techie icon

With home computers you could play, obviously. You could use them to write and do sums, draw and navigate (using a modem, on bulletin boards; the internet existed, but it was for the military and researchers). But above all, when you switched it on you had a programmable system, and you were caught up in […]