Claudio Agosti

Claudio Agosti is a software developer and a promoter of digital self-defence. After wide professional experience in the world of computer and web security, he now devotes himself to the security of internet users: much more sensitive, much less predictable. He works for two organisations: The Hermes study centre and TacticalTech. Since the mid-1990s he […]


Alessandro Amato

Alessandro Amato, Degree in Geology, PhD in Geophysics. In 1988 at the US Geological Survey in Menlo Park (CA), then Researcher at ING and INGV, where is now Research Director. Head of the INGV National Earthquake Center (2001-2007; 2012-2013); member of the High Risks Commission (2001-2004); member of the Scientific Council of the National Group […]


Dino Amenduni

Born in Bari in 1984, Dino is a partner, head of social media and policy communicator at the Proforma communications agency. He contributes to local publications in the Espresso Group, La Repubblica – Bari and Valigia Blu. He is on the staff of the Perugia International Journalism Festival. He has a degree in Communication Psychology […]


Nicola Angius

Nicola Angius was born in Sassari, Italy, in 1980. In 2005 he graduated in Philosophy at the Catholic University of Milan, discussing a thesis entitled “Temi di Gnoseologia Classica in Gödel [Classical Epistemology Issues in Gödel]”. In 2010 he got a PhD in Philosophy at the University of Cagliari with a thesis entitled “Model Verification […]


Carlo Annovazzi

I am Editor-in-chief of the Repubblica. For the past ten years I have been head of news in Milan, but for the eighteen years prior to this I worked in sport at all levels. In 1999 I invented Kataweb Sport (KwSport), the first Italian sport site to not be affiliated to any print newspaper.

Marco Antonioli

Graduated at the Università Statale di Milano in Scienze dell’Informazione, he is co-founder and project coordinator at Gamm System Srl since 1995. Having chosen TYPO3 since 2005, he builds websites and web portals for renown Italian Companies. He plans, analyses and develops web projects of all kinds and is one of the creators of the […]