Guido Scorza


I am a lawyer, a lecturer on digital rights at the University of Bologna and the Lateran University, a freelance journalist and President of the Institute of innovation policy. I write several blogs on Il Fatto Quotidiano, L’Espresso and Il Sole 24 ore; I also write for Il Corriere delle Communicazioni and I am the author of various books, the latest of which is Meglio se Taci, co-written with Alessandro Gilioli for the Baldini & Castoldi imprint. A long-time member of the Mission Unit for the Italian Digital Agenda at the Prime Minister’s Office, I now also work with the Prime Minister’s Council for Innovation. I am a founder and managing partner of the legal firm E-lex. I have always believed that innovation should be studied, understood, experienced and only rarely governed by specific laws. Google and the social networks know more about me than I can write here, so if you want to learn more, ask them.