Davide Gomba


Davide Gomba is a maker from Turin. He’s been tinkering with video experiment since his teenage, discovers and falls in love for Arduino in his 20ies. CEO of Officine Arduino, Communicator, Arduino workshop teacher, travels around Italy promoting DIY & maker culture, digital fabrication and sharism. In his spare time he creates stories and prints toys with his son Djibril.

Officine Arduino Torino is a combination of Makerspace, Fablab and an Arduino “office” dedicated to further the development of the platform and open source hardware.

Officine Arduino is born out of the experience of creating the first FabLab in Italy during an exhibition that lasted throughout 2011. We experienced the positive energy that came out of the encounter between the local community of makers, students, designers and our team based in Torino.

Officina means “workshop” and in Italian it has the vintage sound of the name given to those small companies that made amazing products with limited resources and a lot of ingenuity.
We wanted to see what comes out when you connect open source hardware and software, digital fabrication, maker culture, hands-on learning, open design, alternative business models, co-working and a great community.

Officine Arduino is working on several Arduino Projects, such as debug & testing of upcoming Arduino Products, Arduino Site Maintainance, Content Development and more.

Torino is the “template” for more Officine Arduino we would like to open around the world so that more people can hang out with us and build amazing stuff.
If you have the chance go to Torino and have fun at the officine.