Nikhil Pahwa


Nikhil Pahwa is the Founder, Editor and Publisher of MediaNama, the leading publication for news and analysis on the evolving digital ecosystem in India.

MediaNama’s readership includes digital industry decision makers, policy wonks, entrepreneurs and investors with an eye on Telecom, mobile Internet, Classifieds, Commerce, Digital Media, Payments, Communications, Entertainment and Gaming domains within India.

Nikhil has been involved with online communities since 1999, and since 2006, has provided insight on business developments related to online and mobile content, commerce, distribution and access businesses, as well as the impact that laws, regulation and policy-making have had on the freedom of expression, privacy and business in India. He is also a key member of Savetheinternet.in, a group which fights for Internet freedom in India, and focuses on issues such as Net Neutrality, Privacy and Internet censorship.

Prior to founding MediaNama in 2008, Nikhil was the Editor of ContentSutra, a part of the ContentNext network of digital media focused publications, which was bought by the Guardian Media Group, and is now owned by the GigaOm Network.

In December 2012, Nikhil was named one of 37 “Indians of Tomorrow” under 35 by the India Today magazine.