Ernesto Belisario

Ernesto Belisario, Attorney at Law, graduated with honors in Administrative Law and Science. He assists businesses and public administration organizations on issues concerning ICT law (digitalization and dematerialization, open government, open data, privacy, startups) and administrative law (procurement, construction, urban planning, public accountability and public sector services) in extrajudicial and judicial proceedings. Author of many […]


Antonio Belloni

Antonio Belloni was born in 1979. He lives in Milan, where he works in the field of communication and marketing strategies. He writes about Business and Made in Italy for several national publications. In 2012 he published Esportare l’Italia. Virtù o necessità? for Guerini e Associati Editori, and in 2014, Food Economy, l’Italia e Le […]


Andrea Benassi

Researcher and technologist at INDIRE – the Italian national institute for educational research and innovation – located in Florence. His main research areas include new technologies for education, with a focus in virtual 3D learning environments. He is currently project coordinator of edMondo – the Virtual World for School – and has been the Italian […]


Roberto Bernabò

Roberto Bernabò is director of all the Finegil daily publications and former director of Tirreno, the major local daily of the L’Espresso Group. He began working as a journalist at age 19, as a reporter in his hometown Pietrasanta. He went on to an entire career at Il Tirreno: editor-in-chief of the Viareggio edition since […]


Guido Bernardi

Born in Bologna in 1982, Guido obtained a specialist degree in Corporate Economics at Bocconi University of Milan, then worked for 3 years with a consultancy firm for the internationalisation of SMEs. During this time he spent 2 years living in China. In 2010 he began work at CAE, a firm co-founded by his father, […]


Sandro Bertuccelli

Sandro Bertuccelli has been editor in chief of Repubblica Firenze since June 2010, and has worked for the L’Espresso group since 1988. He began his career in journalism in Florence at the daily paper La Città.


Marco Bicocchi Pichi

For several years Marco Bicocchi Pichi has devoted his time to the world of young innovative businesses with commitment and passion. After working as a director at the crossroads between digital technologies and business in leading international firms (including EDS, Ernst & Young, Etnoteam, Booz Allen Hamilton and AT Kearney), Marco funded and helped found […]


Daniele Biella

Daniele Biella was born in 1978 and has been a journalist for over a decade, writing on social issues for Vita.it and other online and print publications. He focuses particularly on migration – always bearing in mind that behind every statistic is a face, a person, a story – and international cooperation, following the world […]