Fausto Baroncini


Born in Florence on 14/10/1977. Lives in Florence.
A researcher for 5 years at the hydrology department on the Faculty of Engineering (University of Florence), where he obtained a Doctorate in Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems. He specialises in control theory, large-scale nonlinear systems, inverse problems and reduced order nonlinear filters (red order Kalman filters).
He is employed as a developer for java, javascript HTML5, php and python at several software houses in the digital publishing sector.
He currently works as a freelance, website developer, modeller and UX designer for new tablet and smartphone devices. Last year he was involved as a designer, primary programmer and sound engineer in the creation of the Web Documentary Molecola IF, commissioned by the 2014 Pisa Internet Festival, which used various kinds of multimedia content to recount last November’s experience.